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Christmas pictures

Ok, one to start you off. Matthew is attached to his kitty, that he picked out after being a good boy for his first haircut. They've been inseperable ever since. For Halloween, he wanted to be a kitty, just like his kitty. The other day, he found it in the closet and wanted to dress up with kitty. Now, the outfit hardly fits him anymore, but it was too cute seeing him looking so much like his kitty.

Santa brought a lot, but not as much as in past years. If you're wondering where the tree is, it is on the landing of our stairs. So I don't have to keep hauling gifts down, 'Santa' leaves them just outside of the fireplace downstairs.

Now, Michael is the one in blue, and Matthew is wearing green. The big hits that morning was the Leap Pad and a drawing tablet that makes music as you make marks.

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