trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Sad day for a sweet Cairn

rora, I retract my statement that this particular Cairn would be a good fit for your home. I think he will be a great fit for someone with no other animals or kids. He has shown a bit of food aggression, which can be worked out for the dog but I would never recommend a dog who has shown even the slightest aggression to someone with a child. He will, sadly, also be leaving our care and go to another foster home because I can't take the risk. He hurt my Shasta (my puppy) over a rawhide bone and I won't work with aggressive rescues with my kids in the house or my animals being hurt.

I will keep my eyes open for a suitable foster if I get one. Our last foster adoption went so well, as do most of them. I'm sure Ajax will find a great home since he is such a sweet, sweet boy.
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