trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Beware the good twin / evil twin trap

I just caught myself doing something that I generally chide others for - putting my boys into a 'good twin or evil twin' role. Last night, we had pancakes (Momma had a migraine, so IHOP to the rescue). Since I knew I was out of milk and waffles, I had the boys eat at school this morning. The first time I looked at the fridge was after lunch to put the milk inside.


The fridge door was OPEN a few inches because a pancake platter had been shoved in a drawer such that the drawer couldn't close, which prevented the door from closing. The light was on, which made it almost HOT on the top few shelves. I felt the juice on the top shelf and it was HOT. In a panic, I went immediately for the bottom drawer and the stuff there was warm as well.

I started cursing Matthew as I took every bit of food we had out of the fridge and threw it away. I called Scott in NYC and yelled about it. I asked a friend if people would think it strange that Michael was suddenly an only child. I was glad he was in school because I probably would have spanked him and put him in time out for a good long while.

I went to the store and restocked some of the basics - mayo, butter, ketchup, mustard, lunch meat, cheese, juice, jam, etc.

When I brought the kids home from school, before we even went in the house, I asked who didn't finish their pancake and put it away in the fridge last night. They are only seven, but the denial has started already. NEITHER child did it, of course. Reminds me of the Family Circle comic with the ghosts of 'nobody' and the other was either 'not me' or something similar. To prove a point about not lying, I had them both follow me out to the trash can and we dug out the pancake.

OOOPS! It was Michael's pancake. I felt about >< that big.

Matthew, I love you so much and I apologize for automatically blaming you. You get so used to knowing the culprit when you have a child on the autism spectrum and it takes an EFFORT to not make those snap accusations. What a horrible, horrible parent.
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