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Growing boys

Can someone tell me how a kid can grow such an immense amount in the course of about...a week?

Michael has been eating a ton lately, so I saw a growth spurt was coming. I just didn't think it would be so drastic. I went to help him with his shoe a couple of days ago, and when I felt his leg I was surprised at how big and solid it was. A hefty young man's leg instead of a little boy's leg. This morning, I noticed that a pair of pants he chose for school were a bit too short.

That brought me to this afternoon. As soon as homework was finished, I offered up a star on his chore chart if he would help me 'go through all of their pants' to find out what fit and what didn't. Amazingly, almost everything without a stretch waist wouldn't fit and they were all too short. I ended up having Matthew come to see what still fit him, weeded out the clothes that didn't fit, and took them into the resale shop. I used the money they gave me to buy several pairs of pants that I figured Michael could grow into.


Grow into? The child who I SWEAR was wearing a size 8 and still some 7's fit perfectly into most size 10 pants! Without waist adjustments. Because he used to be so skinny, I got one pair that were slims and I can't fasten them. He can't wear slims anymore.


I don't look forward to trying on the long-sleeved shirts when it gets cooler.


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Oct. 22nd, 2008 03:37 pm (UTC)
OMG!!! You're channeling my life again.

Less than a month ago I spent several hundred dollars on size 5 pants for the Little Guy (since he's still 4!!!). He can barely hold them up, but they're already two inches too short. WTF???

Adjustable waist bands don't get tight enough to accommodate his skinny little long-legged body! I can't imagine putting him into a size 6.
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