trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Support a good cause: Trish being able to feed her family :)

Here is where the 'virtual party' idea comes into play for me.
I came up with the idea that since a great majority of my
friends are 'online' that I would have a Souther Living At HOME
party online also.

I have set up an online catalog at:

Please look through the catalog and see if there are any
things you are interested in. We will work out delivery of
the product when I receive it. The October customer
specials are GREAT and a link to them can be found on my
front page.

Southern Living At HOME has the most wonderful products
and I have spent years collecting them. I love them so
much that I really do want to share that passion with others.

I am also going to set up a Southern Living At HOME
filter for my list, where I can tell you about discounts
on products, how to get free products, and any interesting
work-related items that have come up. If you would like to
be included on that filter, please comment and let me know.

Thanks for your support as I make this transition in my life!
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