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It took me a week, but I finally scaled down the pictures from Aruba. I also scaled BACK on the number. I took a gazillion pictures, particularly one day at sunset when I think I took one every 5 seconds *laugh*

Here is a preview of how gorgeous Aruba was:

For the rest of the pictures, you can go to see the trip photos or see the full set of the sunset photos

I wish we could have stayed for more than 4 days. :)

The one thing I regret is that I didn't want to spend the money on a waterproof digital camera since I am still unemployed. Instead, we got two disposable waterproof cameras. MUCH SUCKAGE!!!!! The photos from our snorkeling turned out to be just a bunch of blue with one or two things barely visible. I'm going to see if I can save some with photoshop, and if so I will post them. although there is no photo memories of the snorkel trip, it was AWESOME!!!! We took boat out with an OPEN BAR. We drank a LOT in a short period of time. The snorkeling was in two areas - one for the fish and the other at a shipwreck. Gorgeous. Beyond words. I just love snorkeling.

When I got back, I did some research and talked a camera shop guy into selling me a $300 waterproof camera for $140. Nice little 7.1 MP with 3X optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. It has a TON of settings and even takes video underwater. YAY! If I had known that the disposables would cost me about as much as buying the digital, I would have done it BEFORE the trip.

Soon to come - a post about our Col. Potter's Cairn Terrier Rescue foster dog. He's a sweetheart with a funny name who was rescued from a puppy mill. He will soon make someone a GREAT pet.
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