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The life of the unemployed

(as phenway would say - "In bullets")

- Spent Friday evening over at a friend's house playing cards. It was a lot of fun! It turned out to be a card-playing weekend. Friday, we just played Golf and drank.

- Saturday, I took the boys to go swimming at a friend's house and they ended up spending the night. More cards! Golf and Spades. I felt like an old fuddy-duddy but I had a great time. When I came home around 11:30 pm, Scott was hiding behind the corner in the kitchen ready to scare the kids. *laugh* NO KIDS!!!!! It was nice to sleep in the next day.

- Last night was my first meeting as a room parent. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun to be this involved in the boys' school activities.

- This morning I actually got a CALL BACK on my resume! A REAL CALL, not one of those 'Hey, we're an executive recruiting firm and we think we could help you'! I applied at Hotels.com for a position strangely similar to the one I had at Sun. I think it would be a lot of fun. My first phone interview is set for tomorrow morning. YAY!

- I also talked to my consultant at Right Management, the company Sun pays to help us get back on our feet and find a job. Turns out we have a mutual friend who lives in Florida! How small is this world? She gave me some great information about handling interviews around health issues, disability, and getting things rolling on my home business.

- Tonight is the Gail Pittman gathering at the McKinney Country Club. I think her pieces are just GORGEOUS and I will be taking a few to be signed. If I could get half the following she has for her painting, I would consider it a blessing.

- For those of you that live here, realize I'm probably going to bug you about Southern Living at Home parties for a little while. Bear with me while I expand out of my little circle into a second layer of contacts. suewin - would you be willing to have a party at your place and invite people you work with or other friends if I helped you do everything? You would get cool things free! :) What about you, misskerri?

- I finished one of the fan blades for my friend's daughter's room and it turned out looking WAY better than I thought it would. I've also gotten started on a raised feeding station for dogs. I'll post pics as more things get done. I'm going to try to build a light box to take better photos of pieces, so things look more professional. I also picked up a lot of the local kids/home/pets freebie magazines from the area to look at different ways to advertise and different shops I can talk to about displaying my work.

It's been a good week!


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Sep. 9th, 2008 09:45 pm (UTC)
Go You!!! I can't wait to hear how your call goes tomorrow. Heh, if that doesn't work out you could always become a car model-babe. YOu got quite good feedback on those photos I posted. ;D

I really miss playing cards. My ex's family was a big card family. Not so much with this one. They think I'm weird for even asking. But what's Golf? I've never even heard of that - as a card game.
Sep. 10th, 2008 04:39 am (UTC)
Yeah, you've heard of golf for sure :) Not the card game though.

The game is easy. Each person is dealt four cards, set into a square. The rest are put in the middle with one card upturned. For the four cards in front of you, you can NOT look at the two top ones - they are played blind. You can look at the bottom two.

The goal is to have the lowest score - Kings and Sevens are zero.

Play starts normal, you can draw either the top card from the discard pile, or the top on the deck. You can choose to replace one of your cards with it or discard it. Value of each card is at face value. If you want to replace the two cards up top, you have a dilemma - once you replace one, you will then KNOW the value of that card, and you'll know what the value WAS (as you discard it) - but there are gotchas. Once you lift that top card up, you can't change your mind. It has to be replaced. This sometimes means that you just handed the next person a K or 7.

When you think you have the lowest hand, you can knock after your turn (knock on the table). The round continues until it reaches you again, and game over. Everyone then tallies their score.

Lots of fun, doesn't take a lot of thinking, and goes quickly.
Sep. 9th, 2008 09:55 pm (UTC)
Woohoo callback! I hope you wow them with your interview.

My extremely lazy object photography setup consists of a large chunk of canvas I hemmed the two short ends on to hold 1/4" dowels. I weight down or use clips to hold one end up somewhere -- the tablecloth on the table, a countertop, wherever and leave the other end on the flat surface I'm putting the piece on. That gives me enough play to curve the background so I don't have a corner in the background. I wing the lighting with whatever's around and use a tripod.
Sep. 10th, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
I'm thinking of doing the kludge where you cut windows in a box, line them with tracing paper, put white paper curved in the box, a light outside, and VOILA! (not to be confused with a viola) We'll see how it works.
Sep. 11th, 2008 02:18 am (UTC)
you and sue would be the only people i had to invite to such a thing!
Sep. 11th, 2008 05:40 am (UTC)
don't worry. I talked to my sponsor tonight and what we're going to do is have my 'launch party' here at my house and invite all of the people I know. Those who are able to bring people along will get prizes :) If not, they will still get to help me celebrate and those who are able to host a party at a later date can pick a date. It's mostly going to be a celebration that I have moved forward with this and a chance to 'ooh' and 'aah' over some of the new products.
Oct. 4th, 2008 05:41 am (UTC)
Condolences on your unemployment. I heard about the layoffs at DFW04 elsewhere on the web (strange how these things get around) so I thought I'd track you down again and see how you're doing. That's a real shame since you had been there like... a long time. Anyway, I hope something comes along for you soon. Good luck!

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