trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Take my LIFE. Ruin my credit. Come on - nobody will CARE!

Ok, what is the purpose of having laws against identity theft, criminal investigators and fraud prevention groups at the credit card companies if none of it works? When I found out that my social security number and date of birth were being used to open credit cards, I aggressively attacked back. I closed everything off, got as much information as I could from the companies, and looked at my credit reports (all three) with a magnifying glass. I put security alerts on my reports, so nobody can open a card without calling me first to verify. I took my name off the pre-auth list, so they can no longer send out pre-approved credit card offers. I put in a report with the Federal Trade Commission. I filed a police report here in Plano. I requested that the companies that the person opened cards with send me an affidavit to fill out, so I could (by the Fair Credit Reporting Act) receive the information from the application and all credit transaction information.

Well - it's useless!!! The credit card companies will not cooperate with the Plano police. They figure now that the account is closed, they don't need to do anything else. Why bother if it won't gain them anything? One company even said they wouldn't recognize a official request from Texas, it needed to come from their local state police. So, the Plano police called back to say that since they were getting nowhere, and the actual 'crime' probably didn't even happen in Plano, that they were going to close the file. One company that I spoke to said that the original application was filled out online, and went into their database and that they don't have a 'form' to be able to provide me with the information that was given. I ever so politely told the person that I didn't care if he had to read it out of the database and write it on a piece of paper, once he got that affidavit from me, by LAW, the company had 30 days to provide me with the information from the application and all business transactions.

I told the detective that _I_ was going to continue to investigate, and that if I got the information, would I be able to give it to them to get it reopened? "Well, like I said, the crime probably didn't happen here anyway..."

BITE ME. Someone rips off someone you are sworn to protect, but because you would have to work with other law enforcement agencies or get a little push back from the credit card companies, you DROP IT????

I don't lay down so easily. I know the law is on my side, even though the people sworn to uphold it obviously aren't.
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