trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Diet Mountain Dew - Old School, New School contest

When I was lamenting the additional money I had to put out to stay an additional day in Atlanta with GS, and waiting for the 15 minutes to pass until I could check in for my flight online, I decided to actually try out the game Mt. Dew had going. I had an account, because I had entered one cap from home. I had tried to get the plasma TV and X-box 360. No luck.

When we left the ER to get prescriptions filled from CVS, I grabbed two Diet Mt. Dews as an afterthought. I went to the contest site while I was waiting around later. First cap - nothing. Second cap, on a lark, I changed my selection to the 'Dale Jr. Prize Pack'. Wow. I thought there had to be a mistake and there was no way I actually WON that.

After coming home, sure enough there was a priority letter for me that was my eligibility form. It had a prepaid priority envelope in so I didn't even have to pay to mail it back. Last week, everything arrived!!!!

Here's a teaser shot of all of the items:

And here you can go see more detail shots

I can't believe my luck!
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