trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

It's amazing

Today has been one of those 'everything went right' kind of days we wish we could always have. I medicated Matthew so he was on a saner plane with the rest of us all day. Both boys helped me with cleaning up their room, getting dirty laundry together, and taking out the trash. They made no complaints about leftovers tonight (a tasty meal of meatloaf, ribs and a corndog. Can't beat that). At TKD they tried really hard and I remembered my forms relatively well.

The boys took their first segregated 'on their own' showers tonight. Every other night, they will be doing an 'on my own' shower. This is where they have been instructed on how to heat the water (start cold and slowly add in, test with your hand, etc.). They know the routine once in, and I actually left them alone to do their hair and bodies, although I did spot checks at the end. They dried off, got dressed, did their hair and brushed their teeth, all of their own.

I must be IN FOR IT tomorrow :)

Oh, to bring the passport fiasco up to date, when I talked to Scott he said if I hadn't found it by this morning to go in an get an expedited one. It wasn't as bad as I expected. Stopped in CVS for passport photos, went down to the post office down the block, waited a little while in line (which would have been way less if people would READ) and when I got up there it was wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. I had everything I needed, signed in front of her, did my little oath, she walked me over to the counter to pay the fees and it is OFF. She said expedition is actually only running 1 - 2 weeks right now and we don't leave until Sept 17.

I'M SO EXCITED!!! This is just a few days shy of our 13th wedding anniversary, so we can live it up in Aruba. Well, except for Scott working every day :) To me, that just means 'me time at the beach!'. I have no problem with snuggling up with a good book and catching some rays.

Right now, instead of Rays, I'll be catching Zzzzzzs. The ambien is kicking in. So goodnight ya'll before I keep rambling for hours.

Oh! And tomorrow the boys are having their first 'official' sleepover. This is where another boy actually comes and they do boy things and have no girls to bother them. Of course, it gives mommies time to have a sleepover of our own and drink ourselves silly. The boys are very excited. They have had plenty of sleepovers with Trini and Kayln (2 girls), a couple with Riley and Brendan there (one boy, one girl), and some other boy/girl combinations. Never just a boys night. I think they need it. I need the time with Miss Kimmy. Absolutely.

That reminds me. I'm out of vodka. Gotta make a store run tomorrow.

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