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Lesson of the day

It's good to have learned something so early in the day. It means I get to spend the rest of the day meditating on what I learned.

Mainly: A Great Dane of equal weight to you IS much stronger than you are, and if they want to go somewhere, they WILL go there!

One of our guest dogs was arriving, and nobody told me that when they go to pick up the Great Dane that was already with us, her owner just opens the door and lets her run out to the van. So that's what she tried to do! I had her collar with my hand, and she took off. I made a valiant effort until we hit the sidewalk, at which time she twisted and caught my left ring finger in the collar. Then she ran and I went face down, flat on the concrete.

I have a big scrape on the palm of my right hand (which on coumadin is funfunfun!), a teeny one on my right knee, I'll have to watch my abdominal area since I went straight down on it for any funny stuff, but the worst is my left ring finger. It started swelling, so I got my wedding rings of immediately and put them on the other hand. I splinted it up using a velcro hair roller, some gauze and paper tape. I'm pretty sure it's just a sprain or a bit out of joint. I'm so clumsy I'm used to this type of thing *laugh*

So, to recap, Great Dane of equal weight = way stronger on her four legs than you on your two.


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Aug. 8th, 2008 09:32 pm (UTC)
a few years ago, when Beta the Wonder Dog was about 2 years old, she pulled me down while out walking .. she spotted a squirrel (with an Uzi, presumably) and nearly ripped my arm from the socket. Yet, she weighed about 40% as much as me. I blame it on The Unexpected.

I have to admit that the words "concrete" and "scrape" send shivers up my spine. Much be some long-since-forgotten encounter during my youth. Euuiiiijkk ... (queue The Willies)

( 1 thought — Whatcha' think? )