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Photos - Georgia/Florida trip and Luau in Plano

Ok, more than that. I got sick and tired of the really clumsy photo organization and upload for LJ, so I've begun keeping my photos on MySpace. You can go check recent photos at the MySpace album page. So go visit them!


I had a fantastic time visiting with GS. I flew out to Georgia and we relaxed for a day before driving down to Florida. The trip down was fairly uneventful. When we reached her mother's house in Jacksonville, it rained for two days. We didn't mind at all, since we wanted a day at the spa. The massages and facials were JUST what was needed. The other rainy day, we grilled out, drank and played with the LG. When the weather cleared, we did pool time and hit the beach. More drinking :)

The pictures really tell the best story of our trip

During the drive back, my left leg started hurting me. I was afraid to fly home the following night, so we hit the ER to make sure there wasn't a blood clot. We met the most insanely intelligent and competent doctor, the best one there. Did you know I have vericose veins? (I do. Have for years. No news there.) Did you know it isn't the ER's job to explain to me why I had a bruise? (Hello? Coumadin. I have LOTS of bruises. They don't all have a hard spot in the middle that hurts like hell.). Long story short, I flew home the next night at great additional expense and our best guess is phlebitis was/is causing the pain.

Why do I bother talking about something as depressing as another ER visit and having to book a new flight home? Because it had a silver lining. Follow this logic:

- We went to the ER
- The ER gave me a prescription (at GS' insistence - otherwise, they would have just shipped me on my way)
- We went to a 24 hour CVS to fill the prescription and had to wander around for 10 minutes
- I picked up a couple of Diet Mt. Dew's just because it sounded good
- We went home and I got online to book my new flight
- Since it was just 10 minutes until I could check in online for the new flight, I entered the codes on the caps of the Mt. Dew into their Old School or New School contest.
- I tried for the 40 inch plasma and XBOX 360, but lost
- On the second cap, I actually won the Earnhardt Racing Package. Holy Shit! This is totally cool, with a ballcap, 1:24 replica die-cast car (gonna sell that), 2'X3' replica metal car hood with signature (gonna sell that too) and a three foot tall Earnhardt toolbox fridge!!! The fridge is worth about $500!!!! I'm keeping that thing.

Anyway, the trip was wonderful and much needed. I was able to clear my head to come back and focus on my job search.


On Saturday, my friend Kim had a Luau in honor of her husband's birthday. Wild times were had by all and there were scantily clad individuals in the hot tub *laugh* Pictures are also on MySpace.
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