trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Still here

Yep, still awake. Making lists for what I need to pack today. I can't believe that...well, it's almost 3 am on Monday, so TOMORROW I'll be with GS!!!! YAY!

I've kept myself busy and my boys love it. I've been at the pool every day since being laid off, sometimes twice. I've talked with friends, watched movies and played Rock Band with friends, sat out by the pool, drank and tried to get some volleys going with krautboy and wife.

Tomorrow I have the madcap thrill of registering the kids for school, since it is a transfer. Outside of that, lazy day. Maybe another pool run. I think I have one more load of laundry and then I am READY!

The whole 'I really and truly no longer work for Sun' blues are starting to kick in. I'm trying so hard to keep them back until AFTER I get back from my trip. A week in Florida with GS should be enough to make me forget my name any worries about employment. :)

I'm taking no computers, so you will hear NOTHING from me for over a week.

(Begin rejoicing)
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