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Short version

Christmas was very, very good.

The kids got everything they wanted, except for a sandbox Michael wanted that I had been telling him that he was not going to get. They got a LeapPad, transformers, cars, sleeping bags, tents, bath toys, books, clothes and some games. Tonight they are planning on camping out in their room in the new tent. They've played so well all day, with no fighting. I think they were most excited last night, instead of today, when they were getting things ready for Santa. They put out cookies and milk for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer. They were so excited to see they had been eaten!!!!

Scott got a 20 gallon aquarium and stand for upstairs, which he had been dreaming of for a while. We also got him a cool wine cap which reseals the bottle. It looks like an old water tap handle. Mom got him a travel coffee mug you can plug into the car to keep your coffee warm. Since he travels a lot, that will be a winner, I'm sure.

My big score? 40GB IPOD!!!!! Scott even loaded it with over 200 of the songs I like out of our music collection (we already had it on a music server shared throughout the house). He got the connectors needed for me to use it in the car as well! I'm so excited! Of course, he's been using it more than I have today. He didn't think he was going to like it as much as he did. I also got a Febreeze Scent Stories thing I had been wanting, and a reading light that hangs around your neck to illuminate the pages. I'm also looking forward to spending some gift certificates for B&N, Wal-Mart and things like that. Maybe I'll go shopping this week.

Today Scott cooked a ham, wild rice with shitake mushrooms and his grandmother's merliton recipe (which has shrimp, tasso ham, sausage, butter, bread crumbs and other yummy stuff). For those not familiar, merliton is a squash, sometimes called a coyote squash, which is popular in Lousiana. Gene-bob did end up coming over, with Rambo who promptly peed in the living room. He got to spend the rest of the afternoon out in the backyard running with Pepper and Barqs. :)

Well, I need to get myself around to give the boys a bath. It's not so much that they need one, but I'm trying something new. With Matthew's eczema, many doctors had said to only bathe him a couple of times a week, only when needed, to keep his skin from drying out. His immunologist (also an allergist) wants us to try putting him in a warm water bath every night, but still only WASH him a couple of times a week or as needed. (We do spot clean 'as needed'. Faces are always cleaned throughout the day, private parts kept clean, hands washed, etc.) Anyway, the doc told us to let him play in the warm water each night, PAT him dry, cover him in mineral oil, then put on his Cetaphil lotion. We treat his hot spots with medicine. It's amazing how even just a couple of days has made a difference in his skin. There might be something to this. How nice for my child to feel soft instead of like a lizard! :)

Merry Christmas everybody!
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