trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Renewed faith in humanity

Today, I got an email from an old, dear friend. (Hi, Lori! *waves*). It renewed my faith in friendship and also in everlasting love.

Let me tell you a little story about Lori and why I have always viewed her as one of the great love stories (without getting into too many details). Picture a girl in high school who falls for someone her parents aren't that thrilled about, but the boy and girl are in love. Girl turns up pregnant and her mother plans for this matter to be 'taken care of' and for the relationship to, hopefully, end.

In comes her knight in shining armor, to sweep her off her feet and vow that they will have their baby and become a family. They were married and gave birth to a handsome little boy. Things were rough, including living with the in-laws for a while, but they had each other.

Now, I haven't seen Lori in a really long time, but today I find she is still married to that knight in shining armor (Don't you DARE tell him I called him that, Lori), the son I knew as a baby is now 22 years old and they also have an 18 year old daughter. In January they will celebrate 23 years of marriage.

23 years! Sometimes, there is just a love you know is true. You could be 17, 27, 37 or 57 when it happens.

I am so happy to see that a couple I always respected, a really fun and sincere girl, and all that I saw as right in the world is still plugging along.

*sniff sniff* Ok, enough with the sappy stuff. :)
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