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General updates

I realized I haven't made a 'real' post about what's been going on for a while. Life is just plugging along. The boys are bored and want to play video games all the time. It's a give and take between allowing them to play so I can work versus being a good mom who challenges their minds and bodies. We're not giving Matthew any stimulant medicines over the summer, so he is a little wild man.

My INR (blood clotting times) have been good lately and I convinced the Coumadin clinic that they need to test me with a blood draw rather than a finger stick. I had to bring them the documentation for the machines THEY USE to show them that they are not reliable for APS patients. There is one downside to actually being within my therapeutic range - bruising. Last week while Scott was gone, I had to bend over to get something off of the floor and just under my hip caught the corner of our coffee table. I knew that it would bruise but did NOT expect what I ended up with!!! It is about 8 X 6 inches and quite angry. It's funny in a way, because I see how my bruising affects what I wear each day.

I have started training with Shasta on Sundays. It's just at PetSmart, rather than the training facility we used for Pepper and Barqs, but I think that with Shasta this is all we need. Shasta's big problem is trying to prove he is top dog when he sees a new dog. Take that out of the equation and he is smart as a whip! Two sessions and he has sit, come, watch me, leave it, take it and are working on down and spin. We started with private lessons only because he needs to listen and ignore the other dogs to be able to be in the group lessons. We've done one lesson alone, one lesson while walking around the store, and next Sunday will be another one around the store. Hopefully, the next week we can join the group. I'm so glad to finally have Shasta a little more regimented.

I have also decided that the Furminator is the greatest dog tool ever invented. Works GREAT!

Work is going well, and Scott is in his new job. I can talk about it now. He started at Alcatel/Lucent a week or so ago and seems MUCH happier with this job. The pay is more in line with what he is used to and he actually has work to do! Now if we can just get caught up on our debts. Our credit is shit, but we'll dig our way out. We're determined.

My mother needs to get her VA benefits going SOON. The July payment for her assisted living facility will put us flat. We will have to struggle to pay August if they don't get the payments to us. Since they will do backpack from the date she moved in, we'll be good once we get it. I just do NOT want to have to move her out because we can't afford to keep her there. That would mean we would have to start all over again with the VA. They won't process the application unless you are already in the facility. It's a twisted process and really bites for people with limited income.

And finally - last week was test week for Tae Kwon Do. I was SO PROUD of my boys! The black belt panel bragged on the progress they have made, how high Michael was kicking, and the way they were finally getting their forms down. YAY! About damn time. I was ready to pull them out of TKD because I hadn't seen progress or joy from it in so long. They seem to have gotten their act together again. They both got another blue stripe, and next month Michael will get to test for blue belt. I got an additional red stripe, but need two more before I can test for red belt. I've got to get my groove on with going to weapons class each week. It's hard because it is at 5:30 on Monday or on Saturday afternoon. I just need to get into the habit.

I'm off to work on knitting some socks.
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