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If A=B and B=C, does A=C?

I got a call from the CDC today. That's right, the Center for Disease Control called me.


Doctors are required by law to report positive Lyme Disease tests to the CDC, and once talking to me, then they have to tell the City of Plano. That part will just be general location and anonymous details, thank goodness.

I feel like I should suddenly be quarantined. I don't think I have Lyme Disease!!! Hello! Can't anybody pull their head out long enough to look at the bigger picture? I understand you are concerned about public safety, but find a way to CONFIRM the diagnosis before setting the wrath of the CDC down on me. (Ok, actually, it wasn't wrath. She was very nice.)

I'm going to be a dot on a map!!!!


Jun. 26th, 2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
Trish Has Cooties!!!
Are you serious? That's absurd!