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Lust, Christmas and earrings

The question is, "Name three topics that couldn't be less related if they tried?"

  • Pat Monahan is HAWT!!!! Dear God. He makes me sweat every time I look at him. He reminds me slightly of a guy from Huntsville I used to 'date' so many years ago. There's just something about his face and mannerisms that remind me of him. His name was Todd Meeks. I wonder what ever happened to him? Did he ride his con-man ways higher in life? Did he use his smooth talk to get out of bad situations? Or is he homeless and crazy somewhere? *laugh* It makes me think of all of the people from that particular slice of time and what is going on with them - Joe and Dougo Williamson, Val Fletcher, the Erbachs (actually caught up with them a few years ago when I went home - saw Joe once too now that I think about it), Thomas Gibson, Alan Inman, Maria, Pat/Syrup Monster, my goodness, I've slipped into nostalgia now. Must be the season. I need to go 'home'. It's time for a fix.

  • I just can't wait for Christmas with the boys this year. They really GET it this time. I spent the day out with Matthew at various doctors, then came home and spent hours cleaning the house. I moved the couch back to make room for opening presents in the living room. I still don't know if Gene-bob will be joining us for Christmas dinner that afternoon (GB?), but I like for the house to feel cozy and inviting. It's so cold outside and I like a place to wrap up and relax.

    (Side note on the doctor visit: Matthew's immunologist described his immune system like 'a really large system, and he has this one slice that is really vulnerable.'. Unfortunately, that slice is the one that protects against things like pneumonia, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, sinus infections and things like that. Our plans are to see what this third blood panel says about his antibodies. Four weeks ago, they gave him a supplemental immunization against the pneumococcals in hopes his body DOES produce antibodies, but just not for very long. If that is the case, we can just up the rate of his immunizations. We'll also keep him on antibiotics to try to prevent infections. If he doesn't grow out of it, only then they will look at giving him immunoglobulin injections to 'replace' that section of immunity.

    On a happier note, he might not actually be allergic to peanuts! Doc S. said that there are many false positives on that area and that next time in his office we could do a controlled exposure to peanuts and see if he has any reaction. Wouldn't that be nice to stop having to watch out for hidden peanuts everywhere?)

  • Tomorrow night, we are getting together with our 'group' to have Christmas Eve dinner and drinks. I wanted to do something special for Colleen and Ang, so I thought I would design some earrings for them. It is NOT easy to design for someone you are that close to! There are so many sides to a person, that it is hard to decide on something that just represents them in your mind. Both of the girls can be stylish, fun, crazy, girlish, punk, mature, ultra-feminine, and all SORTS of things! So, I ended up making 7 designs and I'll just let them pick what they want.

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