trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

God's flashlight and other random thoughts

Just a funny thought - on AfterFive (an online MUCK my husband and I have run absolutely forever and keep going only for the heck of it), someone posted a GREAT funny link called Sushi Pants. It made me think about my all-time favorite comedy skit, by Larry Miller "The Five Levels of Drinking (Six if you live in a trailer park)". Warning: This site has annoying background music, so hit stop as soon as you load it. It's not as good as seeing him perform it, but still damn funny.

I had a 50% off coupon for Jo-Ann Fabrics, so I went to get some beading supplies I needed. I spent a good deal of time looking for a higher-priced item that wasn't on sale. I found a cool beading case that has a flocked design board, lots of storage bins, a place for tools, and extra open storage. All in a handy carrying case! Woo Hoo! Score!

We've been working with the kids this week to get them past this potty training thing. They are TRAINED and have been for quite some time. They just get lazy, and won't go, or they get stubborn and won't go. Since they are off for two weeks, and I'm off WITH them, I decided to cut the cord. I told them the babies needed the pull-ups and we were sending them to live with the babies. They have been in big boy underwear only during the day and we've been telling them that if they have to go to the bathroom they don't need to wait on us. JUST GO! You can call us in there afterwards if you need us. They have been doing pretty good. There have been accidents, but I think we might get it done during this break.

But wait! Here's the funny party: They have still been wearing overnight diapers during the night. They don't know how to put on real diapers - just pull-ups or underwear. I was gone to Jo-Ann's and Scott was upstairs in his office. I don't know whether Matthew tried to call us or not. When I came home, I noticed Matthew's pants in the hallway. I went to look at him asleep under his covers and realized he was naked from the waist down. I put a new diaper on him (after laughing and having Scott come see). When I went into the bathroom, which is right next to their room, I realized the potty was full of pee anbd the towel was in the floor (common for when they dry their hands after washing them). I guess he decided to go by himself (YAY!) but didn't know how to put on a new diaper. I suppose I'll have to talk to him about it and put him in pull-ups at night if he's going to try to go then.

Oh yeah - I do NOT know where the diaper he took off is. Can't find it in his room, it's not in the bathroom, not in the diaper pail. This should be scary. Hope it was dry!
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