trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

A little slice of heaven

Last night, the boys stayed over with my mom so Scott and I could go to Taste of Addison. We met a few friends there, ate, drank, and listened to the bands.

We slept in late this morning, then went to grab the kids from mom. The boys kept saying they had to 'be quiet since it's Mom's DAY' *laugh* and they gave me a manicure kit with cuticle oil, lotion and a nail buffer. Picked it out themselves :)

I had asked Scott for something special for the day - I actually handed him the Lowe's ad with what I wanted, got a $10 off coupon, and made it well known. Today, I went to get it myself and got it set up in the backyard and on Thursday, Scott will repay me for it.

This thing is AWESOME!!!! It is not only a 3 person swing under a canopy, but the swing folds down to make a full-sized swinging bed!

Oh. My. God.

Once I got done putting it together, the boys brought me pillows and a blanket and laid down beside me. We just sat there swinging as the sun went down. When it was bedtime for them, I stayed out there with my puppies around me until it got too cool.

I so want to get a mosquito net to put around it so I can sleep outside while the boys sleep in a tent.
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