trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

What a beautiful day

For the day following an intense storm and tornado sirens, it is absolutely GORGEOUS outside.

I'm depressed that my usually chemical-free garden has problems this year and I've actually had to spray. I don't like to do that. There are these little red, black and yellow beetles that have MASSED on my catmint and honeysuckle, and are just starting on my oak and willow. They are EVERYWHERE. I went to Home Depot today to get some spray to kill them, tree sealer after the post-storm pruning and an 8 foot Bradford Pear to replace the plum tree Matthew snapped in half. I know our Bradford pear out front grew really quickly and provides nice shade, even though they don't root very deep. I need something quick out there, and this fits the bill.

My vegetable garden is starting to sprout, and it is making me really excited. I can't wait! Two kinds of tomatoes, summer squash, cantaloupe, basil and mint.

On NON gardening fronts, things are going well. Michael got his lines for the musical and he has about 15-20!!! I was so surprised. We're breaking them into sections and practicing until he has that section down. The play is May 19th, so we should be able to get there.

I also FINALLY got my two-disc copy of Juno in the mail and I can't wait to watch it with Scott. I love that movie!

Finally, I promised Ang I would go out with her tonight, but the no money thing, coupled with my blah mood mean I'll probably bow out. For the third time this week. Can't keep up with these dang divorcees going out every night ;) I may just drink at home and watch the movie with Scott.

Oh! I REALLYREALLYREALLY want a nice solid hammock. Not the rope kinds, but the solid quilted kind with a pillow. It would have to be freestanding since we have NOTHING to connect it to, but that's what I'm jonesing for. Guess it's time to check Craigslist.
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