trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

My Shining Star

In a couple of weeks, the first grade will be performing a musical. They have been working hard for some time on all of the songs.

Tonight, Scott told me to listen to the answering machine because there was a message from Michael's music teacher.

Turns out that ALL ON HIS OWN Michael signed up to audition for a speaking role in the musical. He auditioned for them and GOT THE PART!!!!!!

He has several lines and I am so proud of him. I thought I was going to cry listening to the message and then talking to him about it. He had not said a WORD to us about it. He even has the first line memorized already.

"Ok, ok, ok. That's enough of the singing. I've heard better, but I've heard worse."

*laugh* I can't wait to see (and videotape) the musical!!!!
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