trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Exhausted and pleased

I had some wood left over from my fence repairs, so I decided to do something with an unused and eroding sloped corner of the backyard. I built a raised garden bed this weekend, and I'm quite pleased - although I do need to go buy some more top soil.

I made the top rails with leftover stained and treated cedar from the playset. The rest is just treated pine. I set a single cedar plank about 3 feet out from the corner (it's an angled corner, so think or parallel lines at front and back, where one is about 8 feet long and the other is four feet, then connected along the sides). I got out there with my level and built it where the back was raised to be level with the front side. While the front side is only one board tall, the back is about four and a half boards.

Since there is also a pop-up sprinkler head there, I just went ahead and replaced the whole unit instead of simply raising it. I think that with the erosion of the soil there, the lawn guys had been weed eating it. Pretty beat up. I got a new one and added a one foot extension to bring it up to level.

Eventually, I am going to get stone edging placed around the visible parts of the bed to cover the wood.

Now that the frame is finished, I realize that I grossly underestimated the amount of topsoil needed. I put in six bags so far, and I've barely filled the back and one side. I think I'll need at least 10 more bags for next weekend.

This raised garden will be for my tomatoes and possibly some summer squash and wildflowers. It is also a trial run for our really, really PROBLEM corner. We have a corner that has REALLY eroded. Where it will be one board in the front, I think it will be a good 2 - 2 1/2 feet tall in the back. In the space of a couple of feet. I think a raised bed will not only improve the looks, but help stop the erosion.

I LOVE this period before it gets too hot outside. It's still somewhat cool in the morning and evenings, warm in the middle of the day. Too bad it only lasts about 2 weeks here. :)

Oh! My klutzy nature came out. I was carrying a 40 pound bag of top soil over and got my foot tangled in some wire. I needed to protect my injured foot and felt like I was going in SLOW MOTION as I went down. My knee went down on some wire and I now have a straight line across my kneecap where just the top layer or two of skin was pulled up. Amazingly, it didn't bleed.


Good news for the day? Scott starts his job tomorrow!!!!! It's going to be VERY quiet around here with the kids in school and Scott actually going into an office for a while.


Two days until my birthday, and seven until Michael and Matthew turn seven. Seven years. I can't BELIEVE it.
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