trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Roadtrip plans for the future

Ok, while I like the idea of only spending a couple of hours of my time travelling and packing the most 'vacation' in that I can, I've started looking at the idea of driving to different locations. I think for the whole family, or just me and the boys if Scott is working, it would be so much cheaper than flying (even with gas prices).

Some of the things I checked out:

- Going to the Atlanta area is a 12 hour drive. It's a straight shot up I-20, and cuts through Shrevepoirt, Jackson and Birmingham. Plenty of places to stop and take a break.

- Hot Springs, AR is less than a 5 hour drive!!! OMG, cheap spa goodness so close??? Anyone up for meeting me for a long weekend? *laugh*

- Austin, as always, is only 3 hours away. I haven't driven down in a while and need to go see absolute_lethe and my friend Meg.

I have four weeks of vacation this year. I usually save a week to extend my winter break to 2-3 weeks, but would like to take a substantial vacation or two, as cheaply as possible, during the summer break.

Does anyone have any other ideas for good locations?
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