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Ready for the birthday(s)!

Tomorrow, my mom turns 73. I _JUST_ finished her present and we'll bring her over tomorrow for dinner and her present. In her honor, I picked a craft that she taught me but I haven't done in many, many years: plastic canvas. I thought it wasn't that interesting or challenging. Working on this project, which I pretty much made up based on something I saw, I realized something doesn't have to be challenging to be beautiful.

Two sides (four spaces) are actually picture frames, and I asked the boys to goof off while holding a sign for Gamma. I love the way they came out.

If you look down from the top, inside I stitched 'We love you, Gamma'

I think we're pretty much ready for the boys' birthday on the 13th. They are having it at Bounce U and we got invitations out yesterday. I can't wait for it all to be over. My birthday is next week during the week and I hope it just goes over with very little drama.

Scott starts his new job on the 7th. I guess that's about the best damn birthday present I could ask for. He accepted a position with Datacert, a company that sells tracking software to law firms. I so hope this makes him happier.

OH! Today I got another 'present'. Someone from high school contacted me and I got invited to my 'true' 20 year reunion. I saw 'true' because from the time I was nine through the start of my senior year, I went to school with one set of people. My senior year, I moved to another high school and graduated there. I went to their 10 year reunion, but I don't really know that many people there so it was only of minimal interest. HOWEVER, I always wished I could go back to what I considered my real graduating class. The one with my best friend, Tina. The one with all of the memories. This year, I get to do that. The reunion will be late summer or early fall in Huntsville. If it is while the boys are out of school, I will take a good long break from work and drive with them up to Huntsville for the reunion. Maybe then go over to Georgia for a visit with my other best friend ;) If the boys are in school, I'll probably just fly, but maybe I can still set up a meeting with GS.

Look! It's Trish in high school!!!!


(Deleted comment)
Apr. 3rd, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
Mom taught it to me when I was, gosh, maybe early teens / tweens. Around the same time as painting those horrid ceramic items. It was kind of nice to go back.

LOVE the icon, btw!!!!