trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

YAY for good insurance!

I called our insurance agent today to see about our water damage coverage. Turns out we have a $500 deductible and they will cover a plumber coming out tomorrow to fix the leak (the bill goes straight to State Farm), a claims adjuster and possibly a contractor will come out on Tuesday to look at the damage. We will just have to pay our deductible and they will cover everything else. They will rip out the damaged cabinet, replace it and dry out the concrete underneath. They also told me to make a list of all of the cleaning and other items under the cabinet that rusted or were in cardboard containers and were ruined. I'll be reimbursed for all of that, and I was about to just throw it all out.

If it turns out to be the fault of Sears installing the dishwasher, no matter what the cause, they will try to get their money reimbursed from Sears. Either way, we'll only have our deductible to worry about.

YAY!!!! It's going to be fixed, at little cost to us, and soon. Awesome!
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