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To level out the last post, so I go to sleep with more positive thoughts, I bring you 'things that make me happy'. Anyone know how to get some cheap cabinetry and floor repair? Please? We'll even develop web sites in exchange. Or design free jewelry. Or something. *laugh* I watch enough house flipping shows. I should scope out how to cheaply replace them and try doing it myself. (Yeah right. Me and my big ass walking cast are going to do renovations. No. Freaking. Way.)

  • My tomoto plants have started coming up.

  • My cacti are about two inches tall now.

  • I have lots of wonderful bulbs to plant outside this weekend.

  • Scott may have TWO job offers. Finally!!!! He may start work as early as next week.

  • Matthew drew me a pretty damn impressive dinosaur and we have it up in the bathroom.

  • My new phone (Centro) kicks ASS. I even have our TKD requirements and one-step videos on there. Music. Palm OS. AND it fits my two major requirements: it must do one touch on and off speakerphone and one touch on and off mute. Yeah, I do a LOT of conference calls. :)

  • Our Dojo owner and black belt instructors LOVE the changes I've made to the web site.

  • Lowe's had Easter Lillies that still hadn't finished opening and were in great shape on sale for a DOLLAR! I got three and they look gorgeous.

  • The LG will soon be able to sleep with less problems breathing!!!!

  • My little love puppy, Shasta, still follows me around, always has to be in sight/contact with me, and goes with me every morning he can to take the boys to school. He likes to stop by Chik-Fil-A for breakfast on the way home because the morning drive-thru staff keeps Milk Bones under the counter for him *laugh*

Yeah, takes a lot of positive thoughts to even start to remove my anger over our collapsed undersink cabinets.
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