trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

No complaints is OUT THE DOOR!

Screw that.

When I went to the kitchen sink tonight, something smelled a bit funny so I figured I would put a garbage disposal freshener in and grind it. I opened the cabinets under the sink and started looking for it. I got a few bottles in and almost started crying.

We're not sure what has been leaking water, or for how long, but the cabinet was full of water and it had completely collapsed back into itself. The bottom has fallen out and there is yucky water all in the underside and flooring back there. With our luck the whole thing will have to be replaced.

If the Sears guys did this installing our new dishwasher I will eat them for lunch. That much is a guarantee. The dishwasher has a 'food disposal' within it, which makes me think they had to hook it into our curent system. They will feel my wrath.
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