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Oh when the Saints...go marching in...

Yep. Saints kicked the Cowboys. Amazing. My father-in-law is super happy, I'm sure. Scott gets to tease his sales rep, who seems to think that moving to Dallas means you have to like the Cowboys. Feh.

So tonight I went shopping to pick up some of the family presents we hadn't gotten. I also finished wrapping all of the other presents we already had purchased. Good work. I feel accomplished. *laugh*

I had designed bracelets to give as Christmas presents to my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece. I just finished those and I believe we are ready to send them out. While I was in jewelry mode, I also created dangling earrings and a bracelet to go with the hematite and cz rondo necklace I had made. I also designed an AWESOME pearl and cz rondo necklace and earrings, and will create a matching bracelet later. I'm amazed at how easy earrings are, and they go so quickly compared with bracelets and necklaces! I might have to start doing more of those.

You know, for that dream day when I actually put pictures of things on a web site so people can buy them. Or when I actually get the balls to charge my friends for jewelry I make.

I finished off the black and white film in my Rebel FINALLY! I took a bunch of weird shots of things around the house, my feet, self-portraits and other random things. That allowed me to put color film in the camera to take pictures of my jewelry. I tried taking it with my digital, but it would NEVER focus correctly. Maybe it is the shiny nature of the jewelry, but it was NOT working out. Hopefully, this will work better. Too bad it sucks to have to pay to get film developed. I thought I was past that with a digital camera and photo printer.

I CAN'T GO TO SLEEP!!! I guess it doesn't matter. Only three more days of work before my break.

The kids have decided they don't want to go to the potty anymore. Scott and I have decided we don't want them to have TV, video games or Play-doh anymore. Those things are reserved for BIG BOYS who go potty. It's been quite the motivator and they haven't watched a second of TV this weekend. They had to choose between it, computer time and play-doh. AMAZINGLY - Play-doh WON! When they go on break after this week, they are going into underwear with training pants over them and they are NOT going to wear pull-ups. Keep me in your prayers, but I will NOT have two four-year-olds who wear pull-ups. :)
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