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New cast

Here is the new cast:

What you don't know is that my little toe isn't painted because it can't be reached inside the cast. *laugh*. Well, you know NOW!

Geaux Saints!!!!!!

I don't know how well you can read the small ribbon at the top, but it's a tan and black check, with red writing all around it that says 'I think I can...'.


Feb. 20th, 2008 02:41 pm (UTC)
OMG they're EVERYWHERE!!!!!

*runs and hides*
Feb. 20th, 2008 03:53 pm (UTC)
When you least expect it - there we are!
Feb. 20th, 2008 04:31 pm (UTC)
There really is no escape. At all. WE're taking over the world, one journal at a time.