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Watch me closely now

There goes my non-narcotic route for pain management. I can't take the Ultram with Coumadin, so that leaves me with a wide gap. I can take Tylenol, put heat on my back and try to bear with it. If I can't, then I have Darvocet. Lots and lots of Darvocet. Scott can't believe they even filled something that big. I believe his words were 'Nice knowing you. Give me a call when you get out of rehab.' *laugh*

Either way, I'm resigned to the fact that I'll be on Coumadin and some sort of pain management for life. No amount of bitching will fix that, so the only thing to do is be positive and make the most of things.


The pictures of the LG are just tearing my heart apart, they are so cute. GS - what do we still need to do to 'officially' make that boy my Godson, so I can spoil him rotton help guide him in life? :)


I'm so psyched that on Thursday I test for my first red stripe in Tae Kwon Do. Despite all of the hardships that have been put in front of me the last year or so, I am continuing on my path to Black Belt. When I get my red belt this year (*fingers crossed*) that will make me an assistant instructor. WOOT!

Tomorrow, Matthew is going for his green belt, and Michael is going for his first blue stripe. I hope they do well, as we've been working really hard on their forms. They really had been getting lax, so we had to whip them into shape.


Jan. 23rd, 2008 04:28 pm (UTC)
Sucks that Ultram and Coumadin interract. It is listed as a "moderate" interaction with a possibility of increased bleeding. So, it's not in the highest risk category, which would be "severe," but increased bleeding while taking Coumadin is pretty severe imo.

I wanted to say that maybe taking an Ultram only once in a while might be ok. But actually, consistency in whatever you do while on Coumadin is the key to getting the proper dose and maintaining a therapeutic INR...the foods you eat, meds you take, etc. So really, if you wanted to take Ultram, you'd have to do it consistently instead of on an "as needed" basis. Of course, doing that would require close monitoring until you reach a "steady state." Not sure if you'd be interested in doing that.

Coumadin and Ultram are given together here at work sometimes, but it's a lot easier to do that in an inpatient scenario because obviously it's easier to do bloodwork when a patient is lying in a bed in the hospital than having them trek to the office 3 or 4 times a week!

I just double-checked the interaction between Tylenol and Coumadin and found that the wording is exactly the same as the interaction with Ultram! It's "moderate" for potential to increase bleeding. I knew that at my previous job, we increased INR monitoring for patients who received Tylenol or products containing Tylenol 'round the clock, but I thought that was a "minor" interaction....hmmm, so I'm wondering now that if your doc says Tylenol is ok, wouldn't Ultram be ok as well???

Just a thought...well, many thoughts. And now I've probably confused you completely. Sorry. Where's our other rx gal, Erin??? Any thoughts, sistah?