trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

This weather SUCKS

It's amazing how the weather can affect our bodies. I was fine a few days ago, but in the last couple of days where it has gotten colder and even snowed lightly a couple of times, my arthritis is acting up. My spine feels like someone has jammed a knife into a few discs.

I'm just sitting around today with a heating pad on my back. The good news is that I actually have my regular checkup with my pain specialist tomorrow afternoon! Great timing. I have to find out what we can do since I can't really take the anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent a flare up, but I don't want to be on non-stop narcotics. Hopefully, he knows of an arthritis drug that works with Coumadin and he'll say that Ultram (the non-narcotic pain killer I usually take for my back) is fine as well.

Other than that issue, it's a lazy day at home. Tomorrow is back to work and school, but for today the world stops.
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