trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


I just had the most wonderful meal! We were just going to go out for a simple meal, like tacos or something, with Scott, me, my mom and the kids. About a half hour before we were to leave, Michael and Matthew BOTH fell asleep on the couch. Michael wouldn't have been bad, but Matthew is a TERROR when you wake him up. He does not like transitions. My mom was sweet enough to offer to stay here with the boys while Scott and I went out for dinner by ourselves.


Scott's been gone three out of the last four weeks. We haven't had dinner alone in a long time. We went all out and went to 9 Fish. Ready to drool? Must have been 3000 or more calories *laugh*

We started out with grilled zucchini and bacon wrapped scallops, along with chicken and crab pot stickers. Scott got some nice chilled Saki and I had a Godiva white chocolate-tini. We then had large bowls of miso soup with shrimp and scallops. Bring on the sushi! We had a Philadelphia roll, a cajun roll, a volcano roll and some ebi.

We didn't even have ROOM for desert. Have you ever had that meal that was so good you didn't want to ruin it with something as mundane as sugar? :)
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