trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Marketing savvy

I am absolutely amazed, the more I think about this.

Donald Trump took over the Miss America pageant a few years back, and he seems to be applying good business logic to it. It has gone from the height of glamour to a caricature of itself. The girls are considered stupid and plastic.

The Trump organization spoke with people in focus groups and out on the streets to identify what people thought was wrong. Knowing the popularity of reality shows and that many people said the girls weren't relatable to normal people, they put together 'Miss America: Reality Check'. It is all 52 of the Miss America contestants for 2008, together in a house, getting makeovers, trained OUT of their pageant training, and making the position more 'real'.

At the same time, Americans are getting to know each of the girls, judge them on more than just looks, the Trump organization is updating the pageant and getting publicity for it.

Wow. People may think this whole thing is stupid, and I've never been much of a pageant follower, but I think it is absolutely BRILLIANT marketing and business planning!

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