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YAY! Back to training (sort of)

I'm ready to SCREAM I'm so excited!

I finally got clearance from my hematologist to start back Tae Kwon Do. I have a letter to take to my sensei, who agreed we would work out a plan once I had the letter. It's short and to the point, but makes me sound like some sort of fragile egg or something.

Trish may resume limited Tae Kwon Do training with very low impact as she is on anticoagulant therapy and would be quick to develop severe internal hemmoraging.

Thanks, doc. With that kind of note, she'll be afraid for me to do my forms for fear I'll hit MYSELF too hard *laugh*

I'm still disappointed about the lack of sparring or board breaking, but thrilled to be going back at all. It's also slightly exciting that all of my contact from here on out will only be with black belts. :)

I'm off to dig out my uniform!