trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

What is beauty?

In looking around at some random sites, I got onto the trail of what society deems as 'the perfect beauty'. What led me to this? I was looking for a site that would give me an ideal weight range for my height and ran into this:

To put it simply, I'm too tall *laugh* From having done this in the past, I know that I am right around the 'high normal' for my height. Some sites actually acknowledge that women can grow to over six feet.

BTW - when I put in the max height for this site, it says my ideal weight range is between 157 and 174. 157? Hello - didn't heroine chic fall out of favor? That's what I would look like at 157. Most more realistic sites put it between 170-190 for my height range.

This roaming took me to a site talking about symmetry of the human face and what people find as ideal. There are examples there where the author took a head-on picture of herself, along with those of several celebrities, and created mirror-symmetry through a graphics program. There are detailed instructions for how to do this yourself.

I found a head-on picture of myself and was amazed at the results. Think you have a 'good side' and a 'bad side'? Ever heard someone say that?

Myself, I tend to prefer the asymmetrical look of the real me, but I can see that an exact mirror from one side makes me appear thinner and the other side makes it appear wider.

Our little quirks are what make us interesting to look at. Not whether our nose is the same size on each side, our mouth pulled up to the same degree or our eyes perfectly in line.

Happy New Year from the beautiful in her own way, asymmetrical chick!

If you would like to do this exercise for yourself, the information can be found here. Section 2 has the mirror-image pictures and instructions.
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