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Doing some cleanup

I'm doing some paring down of my friends list - not because there is anyone that I don't 'like' anymore, but more because I need a positive outlook on life and there are some people that don't post anymore, I haven't had time to read too much, and I need to get focus back.

If you were dropped, you will probably be readded at some point when I get over this hump. I also may still go read your journal when I have the chance. You are still free to keep up with mine, if you wish.

Don't take anything personally. The only person this is personal for is me, and I don't tolerate drama.

K! Thanks, bye! :)


Dec. 21st, 2007 06:36 pm (UTC)
Oh, the great majority of mine are public. Only the sensitive stuff gets locked down to friends only. People can still read my public entries if they want.

You're still on the list. I talk to you all of the time :)