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I'm now officially on vacation/holiday until I have to go back on January 2nd. YAY!!!!

I got all of our presents wrapped, and don't have anything else to buy for Christmas. We do have to buy a card and gift for my sister-in-law's birthday (poor thing has a birthday this week), finish up whatever Scott is doing for his mom and then mail everything off to them in Indiana.

This year, with no prompting, Matthew asked if he could get a present for Michael. I was amazed. I don't know if someone at school asked about it, or his new psychologist asked, but either way, he knew EXACTLY what he wanted to get his brother. An Eye-Clops. It's like a 200X handheld microscope that you plug into the TV. I agreed to get it, because it was a great idea. I called Michael to find out what he wanted to get Matthew. A Transformer. Surprise, surprise.

I had no idea the Eye-scope thing was $40!!!! I had promised though, so I bit the bullet and bought it for Matthew to give Michael on Christmas. I tried to find the big Optimus Prime Transformer that Michael wanted to give Matthew and couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I tried Toys-R-Us, Target and Wal-Mart. I did find a couple of mid-sized ones he didn't have, so I got those.

Of course, there is the 'To: Michael and Matthew From: Michael and Matthew' gift of the Nintendo DS Lite they bought themselves. :)

On totally UNRELATED notes, I finally found a pair of leather under-the-knee boots with two-inch heels. WOOT! They actually fit my calf, which is rather thin. I was so excited to have them! Then I realized there was no way I could wear boots with two-inch heels anytime soon. I have a freaking broken foot! *laugh* When I do get to wear them, they'll look hot though :)

I also have my next big 'project' in mind. We love the gazebo on our back patio. However, it has a tarp-like roof. We're on our third one because the wind here just rips them apart! The replacements don't come cheap either. I had a brainstorm today. I want to see if I could build a roof using MDF or something like that, attach it directly to the metal roof frame, and then shingle it. Not only would it provide a more permanent roof for the gazebo, but would make it look more a part of the house.

I can't wait to start figuring out how to do this!!!! It will have to wait until after my foot heals and after I HOPEFULLY have my final reconstructive surgery in a month or so. I'm pushing hard to go ahead and get it over with since I won't be stopping Coumadin.

Ok, enough rambling :) I'm going back to knitting my Shasta a sweater to make up for the fact that I put a BOW on his head last night to try to keep the hair out of his eyes *laugh*
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