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YAY! I got my laptop back today. Only the third time in a year they have had to rebuild it. Hopefully, it will be the last. This time, they replaced the keyboard, the speakers, both mouse setups, the fan and the hard drive. My hard drive had started imploding. No chance for recovery. Thankfully, when it first started happening, I copied all of my files onto another server. We spent today rebuilding my laptop from scratch, OS on up. (Well, Scott did *laugh*).

Scott got home late last night and today went to pick up the boys from school. They went to the park and ran around there for a while. Then they went to pick up yet more Christmas lights. It's become a tradition that every year, we get one new item. We light up like a landing strip when we get it all out there. Rope lights outline the yard and walkway. We have a 7 foot lighted Christmas tree in the front yard. There are two four foot lighted candles. All of the bushes are covered by mesh lights. Today, Scott and the boys got two lighted animitronic reigndeer. I just can't wait to see it go up this weekend!!!

Christmas is absolutely one of my favorite holidays! Since I love it so much, I usually turn it into one of the LONGEST holidays as well. Sun has a 'winter break' where we are closed from before Christmas until after New Years. Paid holiday. I had a week and a half of vacation left, so I decided to take off this month. My last day of work in December will be Wednesday the 16th and then I don't go back until January the 4th.

Maybe I'll actually get to finish studying for this CLEP exam. Maybe I'll actually get to sleep.


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Dec. 4th, 2004 05:57 pm (UTC)
a bad case of the CLEP
you know how, when you're reading something, and word just jumps out at you and you just can't move on? that's what happened when i read your post and wandered across the word reigndeer. huh? oh, she means "reindeer" and I tried (I really tried) to move on, but I only succeeded when I put my hand in front of the screen to block it out! ha!

also had to giggle when I saw CLEP .. I haven't thought about that in years! I took quite a few of those tests between high school and college, and it saved me 33 hours (!) toward my degree, letting me do a double-major in 3 years (including one summer). I may not have even been 21 when I grajitated [sic] ... then again, I missed an entire year of frat parties. Hmmm.
( 1 thought — Whatcha' think? )