trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Foy Union. How may I help you?

How freaking cool!

My fellow AU Alumni will understand how cool this is. Our latest alumni newsletter says that the NBC today show talked about five numbers you REALLY need to know about. One was Foy Union's answer line.

Foy Union was our student union building, and they had a help line where you could call for questions about the campus - and anything else. No, really. ANYTHING else. We used to play a game called 'Stump Foy Union' and try to come up with questions they couldn't answer.

Of course, now Auburn students won't be able to get into the line because everybody in freaking CREATION will be using the line to get questions answered. Grrr.

I don't remember the area code, but I still remember the number the way we learned it - Eight-Foy-Foy, Foy-Two-Foy-Foy. :)

Watch the video on YouTube here

Pretty cool.
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