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It could only get BETTER!

I wanted to put the last christmas decoration in the front yard - a large arch
that we put over the walkway in front of our door. I set up the base where we
had it last year and got out the tent stakes to anchor it, just like last year.

I grabbed a hammer and started to sink the very first stake.

(Do you see this one coming?)

*GUSH* We now have our own private water fountain in the front yard!


I hit the water line to the sprinkler system. Could have been worse. Could
have been the water main. Or the sewer line. Scott and I were able to locate
the water valve at the street and turn it off.

We're ok now. Until the next time I have to run the sprinklers and will
have to pay to have it fixed then. For now...heck. It's winter. Don't need
to water the yard.


Dec. 5th, 2007 01:27 am (UTC)
Having lived in Waco, you'll understand how vital sprinkler systems are to this area. We live in Plano now. Amazingly, this last summer we only had to water once because we had an incredibly wet summer. Never seen here!