trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


My back was hurting tonight, so I took a couple of pain killers to help. I went upstairs just a little while ago to get some wrapping paper to work on gifts, and midway down the stairs....


My feet went out from under me, I hit the floor hard on my backside. I tried to catch myself, but it didn't work too well. Things seem to be working correctly, but I look like I lost a fight. My left hand is pretty banged up. The backside of my right arm is bruised and hurts. The lower part of my back is cut and an angry red, as is my butt on the right side. My head hurts just a little bit.

Since I'm on pain killers, I'm sure it is masking some of the pain. I'm not looking forward to what tomorrow morning will feel like.

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