trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

More goodness

darkjenna made me think of this one. Today, I was happy about the strangest of things. I have to wear a medicalert bracelet for at least six months because of the Coumadin. I bought a cheap silver necklace one from the drug store and engraved it at home. I HATED it. Bulky, cheap, dog-tag looking thing. I looked around and finally found a place called Fiddledeeids and got this piece customized with my name in script on the front with 'Meds: Coumadin', a pink medicalert symbol, and on the back it states 'Coumadin for PE, Arthritis/DDD, Mastectomy, Hysterectomy'. It looks SO MUCH better and is something I'll enjoy wearing over the next year.

Take the small good where you can find it.
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