trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Have a holly jolly Christmas

Scott's out of town again for the whole week. Tonight, the boys and I pulled the Christmas tree out of the attic, put it together (yes, we're fakers) and decorated it. It looked fabulous and I really enjoyed the first year that Michael and Matthew could actually contribute to decorating the tree. They put everything on the bottom of the tree, and I only helped them even out some 'heavy' spots. It means so much more when the tree is decorated as a family.

I put together my Christmas card list also today, and bought some cards at Kohl's. Because my photo printer is broken, I think only family will be getting pictures of Michael and Matthew this year. Maybe I can hold off on mailing the cards and see if Scott can get the printer working this weekend. I REALLY miss my photo printer!!!

Tomorrow, I don't think I'll get much decorating done. I have to take Matthew in to Children's tomorrow to get a PH probe. They put it through his nose and down to the opening of his stomach. It will measure the acid coming back up to see how bad his reflux is. He keeps the tube in overnight (unless he pulls it out) and we go get it pulled back up on Wednesday morning. Poor kid has even started saying no to spicy food, because he realizes it hurts him.

I wish I had the power to say no to something I know I will regret later *laugh*. I eat chocolate even though it makes me SICK. I eat fast food even though I know I will feel bloated later. I ate McDonald's tonight with the kids and am now sitting around on my ass watching 'The Biggest Loser'. There's irony in there somewhere. :)
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