trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

What are you thankful for?

Since I often use LiveJournal to vent, I thought I would take today to document the things that I am thankful for.

- I am thankful for two beautiful, intelligent, respectful boys
- I am thankful for a wonderful husband, who makes me laugh most of the time and truly loves me
- I am thankful for the friends that I have. While the friendships are different from when I lived in Huntsville, these people are very special. Colleen is away with her family, yet she left a message today just to let me know they were thinking of us.
- I am thankful that I get time away from being a wife, mother and employee to just be a girl - to dance, to drink, to gossip. Many women don't get to have that time for themselves. Girls night out partying (and our occasional weekends) keep me sane.
- Despite our differences, I am thankful that my mother moved here when the boys were born and we get to be a part of the latter part of her life, and the boys get to know her so well. I didn't grow up with family around me, so I am so glad that Michael and Matthew get to know that joy.
- I am thankful for a job that I really do like. It gives me great amounts of stress, but it remains challenging after eight years and continues to grow.
- Finally, I am thankful for my life. I think I'm a pretty nifty person sometimes. :) I'm about to graduate with honors with a business degree, I have a great family, I have experienced some wonderful things in my life, held interesting jobs and have just about anything I could ever want and more materially.

When you are bogged down with pain, have a sick child, are often alone to deal with things, have frustrations at work and things just don't work out tend to forget the big picture that makes it all worth doing.
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