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I made the trip safely to California. I had worked myself off crutches and down to a cane, so I was able to roll my carry-on luggage behind me. Once I got into the terminal, they were able to get me a wheelchair and take me all the way down to the plane door. It's awesome to skip the lines at security, I'll tell you that much! When I reached San Jose, they had a wheelchair waiting for me at the door and took me all the way out to where I would catch the bus to the rental car place.

Coolest thing? The bus was like a low-rider. I've never seen this before, but so I didn't have to step up, the driver pressed a button and the bus started hissing and lowering down until it was even with the curb. Way cool.

The hotel is fine, as always. I forget that Sheraton is part of Starwood rewards program, so it's cool to be in the club area, get free breakfast and all the jazz that goes along with it. I used to travel so much more than I do now. One day, they'll figure out I rarely travel anymore and stop with the ammenities. :) Since I am injured, they also waived the $15 a day valet parking fee. YAY!

I had breakfast with my manager and my old manager before him, who both flew in from the UK last night. I'm just waiting for one of my co-workers to reach the hotel so I can ride with him to our meeting in Santa Clara. Two days of meetings there, then a couple of meetings in Menlo Park on Wednesday before heading back home late afternoon. I think I get in around midnight Wednesday night.

I don't know how much I'll be posting (or reading) while I'm out here, but it does make for a fine time waster in my room *laugh*

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