trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Blast it

Just blast it all to hell.

Tonight the boys and I put on costumes to go to Tae Kwon Do. Michael is a zombie/Frankenstein and Matthew is Dracula. They looked GREAT! (Pictures tomorrow or Thursday). I made a last minute decision to dress up, so I threw on some pajamas, leopard print slippers, put rollers in my hair, and painted my face white like I had cold cream on.

Since we all had costumes and this week was supposed to be about sparring, the class paired up on wavemaster bags and I teamed up with another woman on the big heavy bag that hangs from the ceiling.

We were WAILING on that bag. Combinations, focus on a specific point and finally POWER. I'm damn proud of my roundhouse kick since it packs quite a punch. However, I hit the bag with the wrong part of the top of my foot. We heard a POP and down I was. It hurts to touch my foot, move my foot, look at my foot wrong or God forbid I should try to put weight on it. About 10:00 I decided I probably needed to go to the ER just on the OFF chance I had broken a bone. I just got home *almost 2 am*!!!!

It isn't broken (YAY!!!!!) but badly sprained with a huge contusion on top. I'm wrapped in an ace bandage and relegated to crutches for a week. I also got Darvocet so hopefully when it kicks in I can catch a few Zzzz's here in my chair while keeping my foot iced and elevated.

The FUN thing is that I have to travel to California this Sunday. That gives me about 4 days to heal my foot up enough to not have to take the damn crutches with me. I'm supposed to stay off my foot for a week and keep on the crutches, but I hate the idea of travelling alone on crutches. It's hard enough to handle my purse, much less carry-on luggage (I have to take my laptop, so I have to have a carry-on)

Grrrr. Good night. Or good morning. Whatever.
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