trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Let me tell you how to to get to Suburbia!!!!!

Today is brought to you by the letter 'M' (and the number 'bong') (sorry, Kramit reference for those who have heard the skit)

- Marriage. Today has been a great day for Scott and I to just talk. About anything and everything. We've spent most of the evening out in the swing-loungers on the patio, listening to music, drinking, him smoking cigars and just talking.

- Margaritas. The lubricant of life. Yes, I've had a few tonight. My husband makes YUMMY ones.

- Martial arts. Today was National Martial Arts day. Our dojang had a picnic this afternoon, and we did, as a school, Chung Ji in the park, ate lots fo hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken, the boys played at the playground a long time, we took Shasta out with us, and we all did water balloon games.

- My new car. Yep, still just obsessed with my new car and can't wait to get it!!!!! If you guys missed it (because you have A LIFE), see my last post about my new car.

- Music. Scott and I sat outside and debated originals versus remakes on songs. I did give him Guns N' Roses 'Knocking on Heaven's Door', but the others - NO WAY. Originals rock. Except for Tom Jones remaking Prince's Kiss :)

- Munchies. Damn my boys for bringing home Krispy Kreme. Really.

- Memory Foam. REALLY looking forward to sleeping on the 3" memory foam mattress topper again. Hopefully, the remnants of my cold won't make me snore so bad my husband goes upstairs to sleep again tonight.

- My life. It's pretty good, ya know? No matter what happens, it happens for a reason and shapes who you are.

Life is good.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled educational programming.
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