trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

I got a car! I got a car!

Well, I don't actually HAVE it yet, but it's MINE! It's somewhere making its way towards me right now. When I woke up this morning, I had NO IDEA I would buy a car today.

I took my car to get cleaned inside and out, took some stain remover to a few spots in the carpet, took out ALL of my stuff and 'depersonalized' it. I did test drives of my three top cars. I went back to the Chrysler Town & Country.

All that were left of 2007 models were pretty basic. With my discounts, I could get a couple of grand below invoice, got pretty damn near the Kelly Blue Book valley for my car, and put $3000 down. That meant I could get a 2008, FULLY loaded, for about what I could have gotten a 2007 BASE model at normal price.


GS, you would be so proud of me. I read every damn line of every document (the guy said only about 15-20% of the people even bother to do that!!!). They had a document stuck in there that was an 'Arbitration' document. It was basically saying that you waived any right to sue them and any problems, no matter what they were, would go through binding arbitration only.

Ummm... WTF??? I so don't think so. I said there was no way I was signing it and wrote DECLINED across the doc. I also made several edits where they 'rounded' things and made them the exact amount. I refused to sign any documents at this time attesting to the condition or milage of the new car. It isn't here, I can't verify what you are saying, so you can just wait until delivery to get it signed. I really messed with their finance guy. When I asked him if people actually SIGNED this stuff, that's when he told me of the 15-20% who even bother to read it, maybe a third of those even asked questions and only about 5% of those refused to sign.

Anyway, I built the exact car I bought on their site, and downloaded it as a picture. You can view it here, but you might have to zoom in, and scroll a bit

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