trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

The saga of Edward

Well, here's a little story 'bout a shrimp named Ed
Just a fresh water prawn sitting on a rocky bed
Along came two boys and a dad who really loved 'em
And then came Ed to join our 'quarium...
Tank, that is.
30 hex.
Dining room.

Edward is a fresh water prawn that the boys picked out with Scott at the pet store one day. They insisted that this 'small' pet be added to their tank. This was maybe 4 or 5 months ago, and he has since grown to twice his size and molted once. Any new fish we put in the tank quickly 'disappeared', so the ecosystem stayed balanced with 'Eddie the Shrimp', which we deemed his 'fish mob' name, 'Fat Tony', a REALLY big barb that tries to eat all of Edward's food, and 'Lucky' which is a rather small blue gourami.

Scott wanted more fish in this big tank, so he thought the problem was he just wasn't buying large enough fish. Yesterday, we took the boys out shopping at a small Asian fish store down on Greenville (next to Asia World Market) and bought two medium sized blood parrot cichlids and two quite large silver dollars. We put them in the tank and IMMEDIATELY Edward snagged a cichlid and was pulling him around the tank. I had to take a large stick and fight Edward for the fish (who seems to be doing quite well, thank you). I then kept Edward occupied with the stick, because he was getting really aggressive, while Scott grabbed a 10 gallon tank we had sitting around and filled it with half water out of the 30-hex and half new water. We pulled Edward out of the big tank and gave him his very own tank. Things seem to be going good now. Scott bought a catfish and plecostomas to go in the big tank, and a couple of snails for Edward's tank.

We've named the cichlids Oscar and Felix (Oscar has some black on his back) and the silver dollars are Nick and Sam. The catfish the boys named Spot and the plecostomas isn't named yet.
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